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Let’s talk about changing your mindset. One will need to be able to change their outlook on life and their decisions to be more positive. Or to recognize what is negative and tell yourself , “I can change this.” It definitely takes a lot of willpower to change the way you think, but it is […]

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I’ve researched a few ways to be successful in marketing with real estate. Here’s what I’ve found: Have a good professional and reliable website.  Make sure you go through all of your pages.  Make sure there are no errors or areas you forgot to fill out.  Don’t forget you want your webpage to look good […]

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Lets talk about how to be more productive.   Did you know there there are some studies that say if you work more than 40 hours a week you will actually be less productive ? Here’s a few tips on how to be more productive: 1. Set some attainable goals- we want goals that are […]

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